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We are the spot where you as a fashion pioneer can continue to set style trends instead of following them and for whom activewear is their HAPPY PLACE. If you appreciate the loud, the eclectic, the non-stale, you have found your forever home in activewear.  We design everything in-house to give you unique, one-of-kind items not found anywhere else.

At Club Bedlam, we cater our active wear  to those who don't shy away from color and who want their clothing to scream their individuality from the rooftops.  Nobody puts baby in the least not without a fight.  If you like it loud, bright, eclectic, and exclusive, we are your forever home for comfortable fashion. We carry hoodies, sweatshirts, performance mesh tops, and tanks (full length and cropped) plus leggings, active mini skirts, shorts and sports dresses that will not only see you through your activities but are fashionable enough to go from sport to errands or dining.  Layer them, coordinate them or wear them individually; the choice is yours.  Pick and choose based on your activity (i.e. golf, tennis, running, paddleboarding) or collection preferences.